Friday, 12 February 2010

Photoshoot London

These clothes are made especially for this photo shoot. The stage was very simple to let the garments speak for themselves. The photos have been used in a published magazine.

Purple fitted dress with oversizer collar 

The dress is laced from up to down 

Differente style, a little black dress with lace 


Thursday, 11 February 2010


Here are some of my fashion illustrations

the nails dress

I had the idea to make a dress incorporating fingernails. The project sounded a bit crazy, but after a few weeks of research I finally made it. This dress is a Lycra fitted dress on which I stitched the fingernails on one by one. I wanted to make the impression that the dress was an armour like an animal shell to protect the body.

Hope you liked it

Photoshoot Toulouse

Hello everyone,

This is the first photo shoot I have done. All clothes are made by me. A friend of mine Gaelle, helped me to create these great pictures
Because the clothes are quite couture, we didn't want to shoot in a glamourous space. Subsequently, we decided to shoot in a car park to give a bit of an edge.